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Water Filter Faucet


Many water utilities across the U.S. are transitioning to chloramine for disinfection as an alternative to chlorine. This change is in response to stricter U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations on disinfection byproducts, which are created when chlorine reacts with organics in water.


Chloramine, a combination of chlorine and ammonia, is more stable and does not create DPBs. Removing chloramine at the point of use, is difficult than removing chlorine and standard granular activated carbon or carbon block products have limited capacity for chloramine reduction. IndoCarb offers a wide range of catalytic grade activated carbon products for this critical application.

CATCARB range of catalytic activated carbons has been developed especially for use in water treatment applications. CATCARB is surface modified to enhance the carbon capability significantly for decomposing components like chloramine and hydrogen sulphide in a rapid pace. Besides the particle size and pore structure has been specifically designed to provide the best adsorption properties. These carbons are manufactured from the highest quality selected grades of coconut shell under stringent controls to have the ultimate hardness, surface area and attrition resistance.

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