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Oil & Gas


IndoCarb offers industry-leading activated carbon products for a wide range of oil and gas industry. Activated Carbon is used for the recovery of economically valuable products like gasoline vapors, benzene and solvents at petroleum refineries. Activated Carbon is the best adsorbent for removal of hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S) during oil refining.


Water used, as condensate boiler feed in refineries require very high purification standards and our O&G grade of treated activated carbons successfully remove these various contaminants, de-oiling the condensate and purifying the water flow, thus effectively protecting the ion exchange resins and other sensitive equipment from damage and deterioration.


Silica which is a common fouling agent in regular activated carbon products damage ion exchange resins, boiler tubes and turbine blades in refineries. IndoCarb O&G grade of carbon products for boiler feed water treatment are designed to have the lowest silica leach and nil ash level in the industry resulting in significant improvement of machinery lifetime and reduction of maintenance costs.

IndoCarb advantages –

Lowest level of silica leaching

Low ash content and nil dust

No pre-washing of filter beds required

High hardness and attrition resistance

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