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Air & Gas

Activated carbon plays an integral role in purifying indoor air quality and also outdoors with gas masks, filters etc. Air filtration applications require activated carbon grades featuring excellent hardness characteristics and high retentivity. Coconut shell-based activated carbons with their extreme hardness and large microporous structure are the carbon of choice for this type of service. The carbon shapes and particle sizes used vary with the filter media. Whether you are working to meet emission regulations to protect the environment and human health, controlling emissions, or reducing harmful or nuisance odors, IndoCarb offers a variety of activated carbon products to help address your needs.


Respirators and gas masks containing Indocarb VP granular activated carbon filters are used to provide protection against acid gases, organic vapors, ammonia, mercury vapor, formaldehyde and radioactive iodides (RADI). Our carbons are used in air filtration devices such as filters and adsorbers for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Cabin Air Filtration (CAF) and Emission/Odor Control (EOC) applications.  Other applications include industrial environments such as mines, chemical facilities, nuclear power stations and manufacturing plants. Impregnated carbons are used in gas masks to protect civilian and military environments against chemical warfare gases.


- Cabin Air filtration

- Protection equipment including gas masks

- Indoor air quality

- Treatment of flue gas

- Emission & Odor Control

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