Gold Recovery

IndoCarb offers a highly microporous coconut shell based activated carbons with intrinsic hardness and excellent attrition resistance for gold recovery application, manufactured with very low platelet content and nil dust. Indocarb GC grades of carbon are manufactured specifically for use in gold recovery applications from the highest quality coconut shell under stringent control to provide ultimate hardness and attrition resistance, whilst providing the best adsorption properties. Our GC range products are processed through a vee-wire screen and de-dusted to minimize the proportion of platelets and fines in the final product. Our carbons have superior adsorption kinetics with very high gold adsorption rates and loading capacities. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, IndoCarb is specialized in precious metal recovery carbon and service some of the world’s largest gold mining companies in North/South America, Africa, Russia and CIS countries.


Advantages –

Superior hardness to minimize attrition loss and dust

Higher gold adsorption capacities for maximum gold loading

Excellent gold adsorption rates for high throughput

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