Wood Activated Carbon

Black Opal IndoCarb wood based activated carbon available in powder or granular form, are used for decolorization, purification, decontamination and deodorization within the food and beverage industries. The wood powdered activated carbon can be produced by steam activation and also by chemical activation using phosphoric acid. Due to the macroporosity, phosphoric acid chemically activated carbon is highly recommended for decolorization. Steam physically activated carbon is particularly effective in eliminating color precursors and unwanted odors. Wood carbons possess outstanding decolorizing attributes due to their particular unique porosimetry and hence used for decolorizing in sugar liquors, juices, soybean and food industries. Their high surface area, which is a significant percentage of mesopores and macropores generates a fairly low density.


Wide range of applications, include:
• food and beverage
• environment
• energy
• chemicals
• pharmaceuticals

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