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Chloramine removal:

Many water utilities across the U.S. are transitioning to chloramine for disinfection as an alternative to chlorine. This change is in response to stricter U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations on disinfection byproducts, which are created when chlorine reacts with organics in water. Chloramine, a combination of chlorine and ammonia, is more stable and does not create DPBs. Removing chloramine at the point of use, is difficult than removing chlorine and standard granular activated carbon or carbon block products have limited capacity for chloramine reduction. IndoCarb offers a wide range of catalytic grade activated carbon products for this critical application.



Solvent Recovery:

In many industries like printing industry, dry cleaning industry and paint industry many types of solvents are vaporized in the course of production process. Recovery of these solvents from the exhaust air is a good practice in order to reduce cost and atmospheric pollution. In this process the activated carbon adsorbs the solvent from the air and subsequently desorbs by hot steam or inert gas. The condensate is then treated to recover the solvent for reuse. The efficiency of solvent recovery depends on the pore structure of the activated carbon. IndoCarb offers a range of granular and extruded activated carbons to meet the requirements of the solvent recovery plant. The key features of these products include a range of activity levels for specific solvents at various concentrations, good desorption characteristics, excellent hardness to resist mechanical attrition and a wide range of particle sizes.



Food & Beverages:

IndoCarb food grade activated carbon product offers the best solution for removal of undesired odor and taste of beverages including beer, beverages and edible oil. We offer activated carbons for the removal of residual disinfectants such as chlorines, chloramines and chlorinated by-products including THMs as well as for the extraction and purification of CO2 generated during brewing. Combined with superior adsorption features our carbon products offer excellent filtration characteristics and high purity complying with world standards of the Food Chemical Codex. Our food grade powder carbon comes in different specifications with optimum iodine adsorption level, methylene blue value and molasses number tailor made for purification of edible oil to effectively remove color and odor.



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