Cigarette Filters

Cigarette smoke contains a number of compounds identified as irritants and possibly toxic chemicals to humans. In order to reduce the intake of toxic gases while smoking cigarettes, filters made up of cellulose acetate is used worldwide. Cigarette filters incorporated with activated carbon are well known for their selective reduction of many vapour phase smoke toxicants. Coconut shell activated carbon provides superior performance in terms of smoke chemistry removal efficiency and handling characteristics. Indocarb CF grade activated carbon is an excellent choice as it provides superior performance in terms of removal of irritation causing components like acetaldehyde & acrolein and modifies the perceived taste and flavor of cigarettes. The tailor made particle size distributions of these products ensures high kinetics, whilst the low dust and fine particle content prevents the contamination and discoloration of filters, and prevents contaminant leakages. Our activated carbons products greatly increase the retention of a wide range of vapor phase, semi volatile as well as low molecular weight contaminants in cigarette smoke including aldehydes, cyanides, ketones, hydrocarbons and pyridine among many others.

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