Impregnated Activated Carbon

Impregnation optimizes the existing properties of the activated carbon giving a synergism between the chemicals and the carbon. This facilitates the cost effective removal of certain impurities from gas streams, which would be impossible otherwise. For environmental protection, various qualities of impregnated activated carbon are available and have been used for many years in the fields of gas purification; civil and military gas protection and catalysis. Point of use water filters use silver to counter the bacterial growth on the surface of activated carbon by impregnating the activated carbon with silver. Silver ion is a bactericide and will be helpful in preventing this bacterial growth. Pelletized steam activated carbon impregnated with sulfur provides superior mercury removal characteristics when treating natural gas, air, hydrogen or other gas streams. The impregnation process utilizes the S2 form of sulfur and the sulfur is uniformly distributed throughout the carbon pores. This allows the carbon to have total capacity for mercury adsorption.

Black Opal IndoCarb offers a variety of coconut shell, steam activated impregnated activated carbon for applications where non-treated carbon may not be effective.


Water treatment

Because of its antimicrobial/bacteriostatic properties, silver-impregnated carbon is an effective adsorbent for purification in drinking water filters and other water systems.


Gas purification

Impregnated activated carbon is used to treat flue gases in coal-fired generation plants and other air pollution control applications. Carbon can be specifically impregnated for removal of acid gases, ammonia and amines, aldehydes, radioactive iodine, mercury and inorganic gases such as arsine and phosphine. Carbon impregnated with metal-oxide targets inorganic gases including HCN, H2S, phosphine and arsine.

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