Black Opal offers a complete range of standard, washed, impregnated grades of activated carbon along with extruded and powder form of carbon used for a wide range of applications including Water Treatment, Air purification, Gold Recovery, Food & Beverage Industry and specialty applications including cigarette filters, cabin air filter and solvent recovery. IndoCarb products meet the highest standard in their respective application in removing pollutants, contaminants and other impurities from water, air, beverages etc.


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•  High hardness and low dust – This improves material handling                   

    characteristics where carbon breakage and fines cannot be tolerated.

•  High surface area and uniform pore structure –

    This gives higher adsorption characteristics and long life in the circuits.

•  Low ash and zero impurities – This is critical in specialty applications where ash or      any degree of impurity cannot be tolerated.

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